Below is a sample of the many emails I’ve received from teachers and librarians recommending my presentations and workshops! 

“I was truly impressed by the quality of the writing they did in the workshop. What an inspirational few hours!” (KA Munichiello, parent of 6th gr student)

“[The] day was very special. You were wonderful with the kids and so natural and unassuming. I was so proud of my girls and they all really enjoyed being with you. I have a feeling that that hour may be very significant and inspirational for quite a few of them. And as for myself, I was thoroughly enjoying every precious second.” (Maureen Fay, Ipswich Public Library, MA)

“I want to thank you for visiting our 6th grade class at Manchester Essex Regional Middle School yesterday.   Your positive attitude and love of writing were energetically reflected in the high quality of the group presentation and the “Polishing” workshops with my classes. You did  a wonderful job engaging the students in how to revise their own written work and encouraging them to foster their creativity.” (Sue Krause, school librarian, Manchester, MA)

“On behalf of an entire class of excited 7th graders, I would like to thank you for facilitating a very successful writing workshop during your recent visit to Bristol Consolidated School. Your ease with adolescents was apparent as you presented a substantive lesson on writing in a fun way that matched the social nature of the class. I was delighted to see that all of the students were fully engaged for the entire skillfully orchestrated, two-period session. The following day, I had to promise my students that we would continue working on the stories they began under your direction. I expect that several will be taking you up on your offer to send their completed pieces to you via e-mail.” (Ms. Cooper, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Pemaquid, Maine)

“Elizabeth, your time spent with our [elementary] students was so worthwhile. Your success was most apparent in the nature and depth of the questions our students asked. You know when you’ve succeeded when you have run out of Q&A time, and kids are still clamoring for more information.” (Dr. John O’Mara – Massachusetts Principal and former Maine Superintendent)