School Visits

School Visit (2)


  A one-hour school or library visit which includes:

                  1) Interactive, motivational talk about becoming an author!

                  2) Reading from one of my novels (your choice)

                  3) Q&A with kids – ask me anything 🙂

                  4) One of my novels donated to your library!

seabrook ms

“Elizabeth, your time spent with our students was so worthwhile.  Your success was most apparent in the nature and depth of the questions our students asked. You know when you’ve succeeded when you have run out of Q&A time, and kids are still clamoring for more information.”  Dr. John O’Mara – Massachusetts Principal and former Maine Superintendent

To schedule a visit, CONTACT ME HERE!


If your school is unable to meet the fee, I’m happy to work out an alternative. Why?

* I want all kids, no matter their school’s economic status, to have the same opportunities.

* I want to share my books, and my passion for reading & writing, with as many students as possible.

* Visiting schools and libraries is truly the best part of writing for tweens – I learn as much as my readers do, if not more!

I SCHOOL visits 043also offer creative writing workshops which are often paired with THE AUTHOR HOUR. Please go here to learn more!


Over the years, I’ve visited with thousands of students across the USA and as Bagnallfar away as Hangzhou, China. The size of the audience has ranged from 5 students to more than 300 including multiple grade levels. I love traveling, so who knows – I may be visiting your neck of the woods, so please CONTACT ME! Or check out Skyping for free virtual classroom visits.