Let’s Skype! (free!)

FREE 30-minute Q&A session!

If your classroom or library or book club…

Mr. Nunns class

like Mr. Nunn’s 5th grade class in Illinois above

or the fun Florida book club below

florida skype

…is interested in a virtual author visit,

please CONTACT ME so we can set up a time to Skype!


A Typical Q&A Skype/Virtual Visit:

1) 15 – 30 minutes before we go live, we might test the connection.

2) At appointed time, I appear on a large screen (or small laptop) and the classroom falls silent as I ask obvious questions like, “Can you see me?” or “Can you hear me?” to which everyone hopefully yells “YES!” followed by my dog, Obadiah, barking wildly as he’s convinced a pack of strangers has suddenly invaded the house.

3) After I send Obi outside to chase chipmunks, the teacher/organizer says Hello, etc. and makes a few opening remarks before the questions begin.

4) Before the virtual visit, I’ve already asked the teacher/organizer to have students/participants prepare questions ahead of time so we aren’t staring at each other, giggling awkwardly, and making comments about the weather. At this time, students/participants take turns asking their questions.

5) The questions last about 15 minutes, followed by a mini book reading from one of my novels, ending with questions from me! (I’m very nosy.)

6) Sometimes, if requested, Obi is lured in front of my laptop with a dog biscuit, at which point a collective “Awww” sends him into another barking frenzy as he frantically leaps at the closest window.

7) I sign off asking readers to please feel free to contact me, promising that I shall try to answer every email, adding that I’m available for book report interviews as well as television appearances if they have Hollywood connections.

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