If This House Could Talk

25 Aug

Earlier this month, during the annual homecoming fair, our town had an event called: IF THIS HOUSE COULD TALK

Lots of wicked old houses have been preserved throughout our town — dating as far back as the 1700s (and even a couple from the late 1600s) — so organizers of the annual homecoming fair thought people (aka; tourists) would like to know the history of these homes. They asked residents to research their houses (with help from the local historical society), and write up some fun facts on a poster board to post outside their wicked old homes.

Well, like most writers, I’m nosy as all get-out. So I literally spent hours walking up and down the streets reading people’s posters…

And as I strolled the sidewalks, it occurred to me that I LOVE this idea.

In fact, I think everyone should post, IF THIS HOUSE COULD TALK, outside their home or apartment or condo or trailer — regardless of the age of their abode! (I also think everyone should wear name tags to say hello to each other, so I’m probably in the minority on both fronts.)

I realize this task could be a bit daunting, so I’ll start:


~ Enthusiastically unpacked boxes when we first moved in on Halloween Night 2016, but can’t seem to get to those last 9 boxes which will probably sit in the hallway for 5 years, or until we move again.


~ Empty Nesters who dote way too much on our labradoodle to fill the void of our grown children living independently without us — which is the whole point of parenting, but no one told us how much we were going to miss the kids… sigh.

(Seen here behind his “human toddler fence” in the driveway)

~ Often forget to close our blinds at night because we’ve never lived in such close proximity to other homes, so very possible to stand outside and watch us flit around in pjs and dance to AIN’T GOT IT LIKE THAT when it comes up on Apple Music or Alexa or Pandora or Spotify… or even the tired old radio.

~ Weeded the yard religiously through June, but by the middle of July, decided to live in harmony with the weeds and the invasive bittersweet vines.

~ Grateful stewards of this wicked old house (1796) who welcome friends, family, neighbors, and all former stewards (living & spectral) to stop by for a glass of lemonade on the patio anytime, and share your stories… 






13 Replies to “If This House Could Talk

  1. I love this idea too – especially for older homes. Talk about getting to know your neighbors …. but it would’ve been so much work for me personally during the 15 years raising my girls that we moved 12 times!

    • I’d want to know that! I guess it’s like 3-dimensional social media 🙂 When I was a kid sitting in the backseat on a long, boring roadtrip with the family, I often wished people would tape signs to their windows saying where they were going… have no idea why I’ve always cared so much.

  2. Hahaha!Not a bad idea. Better than political signs.
    Keep rocking out to Earl StClair in those pjs 😉 Life is short. Enjoy.

  3. One of our houses was located in Bloody Hollow! If it could talk, it would warn visitors to check their brakes before they stopped by!

  4. I always wonder if it is a “happy house.” Well tended gardens with interesting plants (weeds don’t count) and detailed craftsman styles = happy. Garish colors, sloppy paint jobs, and bumps and bruises = unhappy. Do houses have karma? I think so…

    • We are definitely quick to make assumptions about people and their happiness based on the upkeep of their home … like judging a book by it’s cover. I think it often has a lot more to do with priorities. Neighbors told us all sorts of “karma facts” about our old house when we moved in… I hope they aren’t true 😉

  5. What a great idea! My home is about 28 years old and I have lived there for 26 but there are many stories I could tell!

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