What Were Yours?

3 Jan


I often ask people what they’ve read or watched or heard or attended lately as I rely on personal recommendations far more than any “professional” reviewer.


And I’ve found the best discoveries are often the most affordable… like everything offered by my local library and free waterfront concerts in Boston!


The past year has been filled with bizarre highs and lows, so it was more important than ever to walk out that front door and explore.  Below are some of my favorite things in 2016 ~ I’d love to hear yours!

MUSIC: I cannot get enough of this group (recommended by my son last spring) and I recently heard Bonnie Raitt say the same thing about them…

MOVIE: Of the few releases I saw in 2016, nothing bowled me over with the exception of JOY, because it introduced an up-and-coming extra (and my good friend), Nancy Crochiere! Nancy appeared in JOY something like 10 times? And she’s obviously carrying this scene between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper…


(Look for Nancy in more Boston-based major motion pictures to come!)

TRAIL: Short but so sweet. What a thrill to come across this gem of a trail in Vermont with my daughter last April, complete with serene poetry stops… rob-frost-trail

TELLY-VISION: So I never saw Mad Men when it was popular, but started watching a few months ago in 2016, and I’m hooked! Veep and Silicon Valley are still my two current favorites, but my vote for best 2016 debut series is…the-crown1_full

MEADOW:  Nothing makes me melt the way a soft meadow can — 3000 miles west and nearly 10,000 feet above my home in Massachusetts lies the most breathtaking one I’ve ever seen…

Dana Meadows
Dana Meadows

RESTAURANT: Lots of trendy restaurants open up in our part of the world every year, but there’s just something about this one in Amesbury, appealing in every way…


BOOKS: My two prolific writing pals, Holly Robinson and Edith Maxwell, both came out with terrific new novels in 2016! Check out FOLLY COVE by Holly and DELIVERING THE TRUTH by Edith. And one of my best picks of the year — which I read at the beginning of 2016 and can’t stop thinking about — is this historical novel…


MUNICIPALITY: Hard to believe I’d never been, as I’ve visited Manhattan and Queens many times, but after visiting my son in his new apartment last year, I fell in love with…brooklyn-postcard2

EVENT: Not only is this an incredibly fun way to spend an evening, but it’s cheap too! My husband and I were treated by our daughter to the…


So what were some of your favorites in 2016?


(Photos: Courtesy of Google Images and The YouTubes)

15 Replies to “What Were Yours?

  1. Rereading Oliver Wiswell for our book club and it’s simply stunning to read descriptions of opposing political views during the revolution and how similar they are to present conditions in our country now! Recommend everyone taking another look at it.

  2. Some favorites….movie, You’ve Been Trumped! …..book: Hope in the Dark by Solnit;…… TV: John Oliver on the elections and Trump. ….. grace under fire: Hillary Clinton. ….place in the universe: Lake Kezar, Maine.

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