Fly Me to the Moon

8 Dec

If I’ve learned anything as I get older — which is very little — it’s that living life in the moment yields the greatest results, love is the true source of all happiness, and looking up at the moon before bed guarantees a better night of sleep.


So this is the time of year when I take deep breaths… and remind myself to cherish the present and those I adore and that sweet face in the sky.


That said, I wish I could give a warm hug to every supportive friend and reader. As anyone who works as an artist knows, choosing a career of creativity is a tricky path… and it takes a village of kindness to keep us on it.


As a very small thank you…

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~Happy Holidays~

 Here’s to our one little life, love, and looking up…

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11 Replies to “Fly Me to the Moon

  1. I’m partial to looking up at the stars before bed, but the moon is nice too! I think anything that feels timeless like that will make for a better night’s sleep 🙂

  2. Thank YOU for being on this journey with me… and so true, Taco 🙂 The pendulum of history swings back and forth – sometimes too far – but that amazing love song always brings me back to earth and what really matters.

  3. Hey EA, what a coincidence! Just got in from a late night stroll with Ms. Pache’ (my dog) underneath a wonderful waxing gibbous. Beautiful night…clear, crisp, bright. Peaceful too, and “not a creature was stirring.” Sat down and read your post. How fitting, and I couldn’t agree more. No doubt, I’ll/we’ll sleep better tonight.

  4. So steadfast and true 🙂
    I didn’t know you had a dog, KA… need to explain that name? Haven’t seen that movie, but will add it to my long list. I love a late night moon walk – just arrived in the quiet, snowy woods of Maine under a very clear, crisp, bright sky and scattered stars.

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