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12 Oct



Despite the fact we’re all overloaded with information these days, I feel more out of the loop than ever.

My social media news feeds have grown so narrow, the same dozen people continuously repeat.

Links to other sites have become so manic in their delivery (plus those pesky pop-up ads) I usually skip over them.

TV headlines are so sensational, my nerves are shot by the end of the first story.

In-depth radio reports leave me so weary, I worry about everyone involved for days.

Buying a “paper” newspaper makes me feel so guilty… but I can’t manage to navigate the virtual versions online.

Consequently, I’m constantly asking people what’s happening: Where is the hurricane now? When are we flying people to Mars? What did North Korea do yesterday? Is that trial still going on? Who was seen with Brad Pitt? Why are we still watching debates? How did that whole clown thing start?

Sooo……….. just in case I’ve slipped from your radar (intentionally or not 🙂 ) below is a quick round-up of my recent book news!

~ THE SUGAR MOUNTAIN SNOW BALL (“the perfect holiday book”) won a 2016 Gold Moonbeam Award this month, a Top Choice Award from LitPick, surpassed 1000 views on youtube, and will be reviewed in New Hampshire Magazine in November! More info HERE

~ Newly released THE ISLAND OF BEYOND continues to collect wonderful reviews & ratings from around the world! Including this recent review by the fabulous middle grade author & teacher, Luke Reynolds:

“I read this book in two bursts, finishing with tears in my eyes and hopes that all my 7th grade students would read it. It is a beautiful rumination on acceptance, complexity, and embracing who we really are. I highly recommend it!”

More info HERE

~ Award–winning I, EMMA FREKE, now has over 1700 ratings on Goodreads! And did you know a variety of audio formats of EMMA F can be found, including a CD version by Recorded Books, Audible on Amazon, and the ITunes download – listen to a one-minute sample HERE

~ My debut novel, FROM ALICE TO ZEN, was recently read to the entire 5th grade of Amesbury Middle School by their teachers which made for a wonderful author visit! It continues to be used for anti-bullying programs throughout the country! More info HERE


If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join me for these upcoming public events:

– October 27 (Thursday 6:30pm) — GAR Memorial Library (West Newbury, MA) “Slightly Scary Readings!” with the Nevertheless Writers: More info HERE 

– November 12 (Saturday 10 – 3) – Central MA Children’s Book Festival (Gardner, MA) on the campus of Mt Wachusett Community College: More info HERE 

– November 18 (Friday 7pm) – Newbury Public Library with the Nevertheless Writers: “Gratitudes & Etudes” featuring readings accompanied by classical guitarist, Scott Ouellette: More info HERE 

– December 6 (Tuesday, 7pm) – “Hiring a Professional Editor” Hamilton-Wenham Public Library with authors, HOLLY ROBINSON, EDITH MAXWELL and ELIZABETH ATKINSON: More info HERE 

My school visit schedule is filling up! Find out more HERE — and don’t forget, my Skype visits are free!







11 Replies to “Have you heard?

  1. Congrats! And I am with you on overload – and on the guilt associated with purchasing a hardcopy newspaper! (The best way to read the news, though)
    Hoping to see you at the 11/18 Newbury event.

  2. Thanks for the support! It’s so strange to have to toot your own horn, but it’s a huge part of the book business… I miss the days when authors remained mysterious, and I still think readers would rather not “know” the writers (the person behind the curtain)… fodder for another blog.

    There is still interest from one production company to buy animated movie rights to I, EMMA FREKE… who knows if it will ever happen 🙂 I’ve missed big chunks of the clown story, Joe, but it seems to reflect the insane mood of the country right now.

  3. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished. Smooch and I are so proud to claim you and Obi.
    Information overload maybe an understatement. The quality of the information is a problem also. I remember one of your blogs talking about “On Line” sucking ones time away – more true today.
    You horn tooting was much appreciated and I just ordered 3 copies (Grand Daughters, School Library, & Community Library).
    Nice Job!

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