The more things change…

28 Sep

A couple weekends ago, the book club to which I belong — and lovingly refer to as The Divine Yu-Yus — drove up to stay with me at my cottage in Maine. This group of bright, opinionated, funny, fascinating women formed more than 20 years ago. And over the years, we’ve spent many weekends together. These trips are always a wonderful chance to grow even closer, support and cheer each other on, and share our stories.


Last weekend, the motorcycle club to which my husband belongs — and I lovingly refer to as The Hot Chocolate Gang — drove up to stay with him at our cottage in Maine. This group loosely consists of any middle-aged man with a motorized two-wheeled vehicle who’s anxious to get away from it all for a few days. It’s a wonderful chance for these men to play freely like prepubescent boys, make disgusting noises without fear of retribution, and pretend they’re immortal.


If you peeked into the kitchen during the Yu-Yus’ stay, you would find a wide variety of organic fruits & vegetables, farmers market cheeses, freshly baked breads, authentic pasta, homemade granola, Greek yogurt, a delicious blueberry crisp, and four kinds of dark chocolate.


If you peeked into the kitchen during the Hot Chocolates’ stay, you would find a wide variety of chips & munchies, steak, onions, eggs, bacon, peanut M&Ms, ready-made garlic bread, sour cream, bagels, and store-bought pies.


If you listened to the conversation during the Yu-Yus’ stay, you would hear women concerned about the state of national politics, the educational system, and social media, as well as discussions about relationships, children, books, movies, food, yoga, travel, and our aging bodies.


If you listened to the conversation during the Hot Chocolates’ stay, you would hear men talk about their motorcycles, football, motorcycles for sale, the fire in the fireplace, motorcycle accessories, aches and pains, potential future motorcycle trips, and cars.


Over the course of our weekend, the Yu-Yus hiked, swam, dined out, stargazed, played charades, and attempted slumber party games just like the ones we played when we were girls.


Over the course of their weekend, the Hot Chocolates rode their motorcycles on the road and off the road, fixed their motorcycles, visited a motorcycle museum, used their motorcycles for practical jokes, and raced each other on their motorcycles just like they dreamed about when they were boys.


Leading me to believe…


The more things change,


the more they stay the same.


(Photo Credits: some personal, some from Google Images)

12 Replies to “The more things change…

  1. Always love hearing from you, Ann Redpath xo
    It’s a tight squeeze, Lynn, utilizing every corner including the porch 🙂
    You fit the demographic, Jim Nichols, and we have four “bikes” if you want to join the Hot Chocolates!

  2. Well observed and well written once again B. Led me to the conclusion that being friends with either you or your husband is AWESOME. 🙂

  3. Glad if it brought a smile to your day 🙂 Got to keep laughing!
    We may be too opinionated for you, Joe T – we’re a bunch of bold women!
    Can’t wait for you to move back, LisHam xo

    Re: the story behind the names…

    *The Divine Yu-Yus: This book group formed through the Unitarian-Universalist (“UU”) church about 22 years ago – amazing to think how young we all were and what we’ve been through together! After reading The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, I started referring to us as the Divine Yu-Yus because we have that sisterhood thing going on.

    *The Hot Chocolate Gang: My husband has had a gang of motorcycle buddies for about 15 years (including a few reckless doctors) and whenever they went out for afternoon rides, Erik would say they stopped for “hot chocolate” which became a family joke.

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